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About Me

I am a Corel Elite Painter Master, Certified Painter Instructor and long-standing member of the Corel Painter Advisory Board.

 I discovered Corel Painter twenty years ago, and have since enjoyed creating digital images. I believe traditional art principles can be applied digitally to produce artwork that defies distinction.

With my traditional art background and state-of-the-art skills, I have been able to bridge two worlds and teach students how to apply traditional painting techniques to the digital canvas working with Painter. I believe everyone can draw and paint, but they need to learn how to progress. I saw that need within the digital art community and I founded the Digital Art Academy in 2007 to help students achieve their artistic goals.

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  • Experience exclusive content you can’t find anywhere else.

  • Meet people who share the same interest in Digital Painting. 

  • Make better, well-informed, decisions about Digital Painting. 

  • Learn and grow with other digital artists. 

  • Gain expert perspectives daily. 

  • Share your paintings and increase your exposure. 

  • Find inspiration daily.

  • Join in thought-provoking conversations. 

A Big Thanks

Thank you for joining the community! I look forward to talking to you, seeing your beautiful paintings, and watching you grow as a Corel Painter!

This site is for students of Digital Art Academy only unless approved. If you are not yet a student and feel you can learn and contribute to the DAA community site please feel free to contact me by using the contact form on our main website.

Digital Art Academy at http://digitalartacademy.com

Digital Art Academy

Digital Art Academy (DAA) has trained hundreds of students over the years, and we believe you can learn, and you can grow. We stand for innovation, adaptability, appreciation, and humility when working with each other.

Our instructors are Painter Master Elite and Certified Painter Educators. We are open and transparent, and we are here to help you begin and succeed in your digital art journey!

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